Plane home

Last day. Loaded the car. Threw away heaps of food, left the toaster for the next lot of guests and got away at 9-ish. It’s raining which makes the trip so much more fun! Only a few ‘oops’ and no ‘wups’ from the back seat.

Got to the airport with heaps of time to spare. Bob rang to say he’d been turfed out and was waiting outside the eye clinic. We dropped the car key off and popped Claire into a taxi with her and Bob’s luggage then checked onto the plane.

Needless to say we were so early we had the choice of seats and I’m still annoyed Mirinda didn’t choose the cockpit. Bought chocolates for work then went to the departures lounge for more waiting. All boarded and left, almost on time.

I had an empty seat beside me which, I assume was meant for a Stockwell, until the Italians in front of me asked if their friend could move from up front to next to me. Hey ho! One day I’ll get to be comfortable on a plane.

Arrived at Gatwick 10 minutes early and the taxi that Mirinda had booked was waiting. I was worried we’d get Boris Karloff again but no, this time it was the one-armed man and since I am not Dr Richard Kimble, I was not concerned.

Got home after a very smooth run and a long conversation regarding the amount of rain the UK has had in the last 10 days. Went to pick the puppies up. They went insane! They were also very smelly and sneezy.

A nice smelling, washed, Carmen

Went to Sainsbury’s for supplies then back home. Finally. Gave the dogs a bath, had chicken and salad for dinner with bread that tasted of something. Both very tired. Mirinda crashed at about 9. I stayed up to ring Kelly for her 18th but was slowly falling asleep on the phone. Finally died at midnight.

And that was Tuscany.

PS: Bob and Claire got to stay in Pisa for another 7 days. He had laser treatment to ‘weld’ the repair work together which was as painful as it sounds. They got to see the leaning tower of Pisa a number of times and most of Pisa itself. They arrived back in the UK on January 8 and flew back home on January 10, after a brilliant meal at the Yew Tree, cutting short their holiday by a couple of weeks. Thanks to the brilliant Australian travel agent, a limo picked them up from the Butts and delivered them to Heathrow in plenty of time for their flight home.

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