Buon natale!

Woke up about 8. Still no sun, though no fog today and the sky looking brighter. Not particularly cold.

Our room has only a small window which does not allow a lot of light in, so the mornings don’t wake you naturally, which I find a bit weird. Actually the whole villa is quite dark which is a shame though they are probably very cool in summer.

Farelli came down at 11:30 and we opened presents for an hour. Mirinda bought me the amazing de Vinci one-handed clock we’d seen in San G and an annotated Alice!! At last!

We then breakfasted on champagne and my Christmas cake which I think is a bit dry. Really need to give it more brandy on a regular basis next year! I stuffed up the icing as well. Hopefully Farelli’s will be better.

Mirinda, Farelli and I then went for a walk down the road to Pozzolo.

Take the left fork for Pozzolo

When I say down I mean DOWN! After a while it became apparent we would have a mountain to climb back up so we turned around and retraced our steps. We had tea/coffee with Farelli then it was time for granny naps all round. Except for me, I read my Alice.

Then into Montaione for Christmas dinner. What a lovely restaurant! Great atmosphere (gotta feel sorry for them though, working Christmas Day), great staff, great food. My traditional Christmas dinner consisted of risotto with lettuce and truffles, guinea fowl and tiramisu. Also a couple of bottles of Tuscan red wine. A terrific meal. We then finished with the obligatory walk around the streets. The view over the valley was very clear and twinkling with thousands of lights – all very festive. We then drove home and watched Poirot’s Christmas in Italian.

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