Park bunting

Most of today was spent doing some research for Mirinda. For her work. I enjoyed it but it took up a lot of my day! The rest of the day was spent doing housework and walking in the park.

Being Australia Day, my blip was quite Oz specific so it was with a bit of sadness that I spotted a whole load of little coloured flags strung up between the trees near the castle. Had I only known. Or had I waited to blip. Still, I have a blog for that sort of stuff so…this is the bunting from a distance:

Bunting between the trees

When I reached the first tree, I realised that the flags had something printed on them. The same thing on each one. None of it was in English and there was a picture of what looked like a mythical horse creature in the centre. The writing looks like Hindi to me but I could be wrong.

A close up of one of the flags

There was nothing to indicate what they meant or who’d put them there. I’ve just had a look at religious festivals over the last few days but the only non-British one isn’t until January 28 (Vasant Panchami – a festival celebrating the first day of Spring). Maybe they were hung by some Hindu Australians to mark Hindu Australia Day. I may never know.

Still, they made for some lovely photographs as they fluttered gaily in the breeze, sometimes the sun beaming through them.

My favourite shot from beneath the flags

Other than that, it was all pretty much a day for reading the computer screen, every now and then looking at something green to readjust my vision.

Looking across the Queen's Bottom

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  1. mum cook says:

    All the flags were out on the cars waving in the air. Just really another day for me and dad and a wet one as well.
    love mum


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