Tonight we went to the Maltings for our monthly dose of a girl and her guitar. This month it was Karina Vismara, Argentinian born but grew up in England. Actually I thought she was Spanish…which is pretty close culturally but miles away geographically.

Karina starting her set

Her guitar playing and song writing skills are amazing. Mirinda says she is the best guitarist we’ve seen so far. The trouble was, the sound system was a bit muted. It was very difficult to hear her between tracks and her lyrics were a mystery. A real shame because I have listened to some of her tracks online and she sounds fine. It was clearly a problem with the (lack of a) sound engineer.

While there, we were joined by Laurie who has recently been dumped by his girlfriend of 23 years after she went walking in Pembrokeshire. He was at least 50, maybe older. He’s lived in Farnham for 35 years. Actually she lived in Newbury so maybe the long distance relationship just refused to work.

I’m being unnecessarily flip. He seemed quite sad so Mirinda chatted to him about houses we’d never seen in his street and he told us about the 200 pubs that used to be in Farnham, back when the hops were there for the picking and the Maltings brewed beer.

But, back to Karina…she not only played her guitar but also a strange Argentinian instrument that looked suspiciously like a ukulele only with 12 strings. It was, she said, a charango. It was originally an Andean instrument made from the back of an armidillo. Her’s was made of wood! It sounded just like a ukulele

Looking down the lens

If you’d like to listen to Karina, she has recorded an EP and uploaded it. You can hear three tracks on SoundCloud here.

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2 Responses to Argentina

  1. mum cook says:

    That was lovely she has a very pleasant voice. and interesting to read about that other instrument.
    love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    Poor Laurie – much older than 50. He told us about his placemats.


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