A Brushing We Will Go

The day started grey but quickly realised it was not February and brightened up beautifully.

Mirinda had a guitar lesson today, which she assured me went well. I went into Farnham and bought her a brush. That may not sound very big. But she has about 5,000 brushes and has no idea where any of them are. Regularly, on a Saturday morning, she will ask me where her brush is (note it’s always ‘brush’ singular). I always make a show of looking, knowing it has fallen into a hair brush black hole, and reporting that there is not one to be found.

And so I go and buy a new one. This is not easy. Mirinda has very tender hair and the brush has to be soft and caring in order to be useful. While I regularly have to buy them, it seems that Boots just as regularly changes their stock. So it takes me ages to find just the right one.

Normally I would do this first but I had a few special requests (for Mirinda) as well as normal shopping, so I completely forgot about the brush. Returning home without a brush is not an option.

I backtracked to Boots and busied myself feeling the bristles of each one, making a note of the price as I rejected them. Finally I found the perfect brush, paid and walked home.

When Mirinda returned from guitar class she felt the bristles herself and said something like “That’s the same as the one you bought last time.” and proceeded to outline the new Brush Law.

The New Brush Law
A brush must always be in the hair accessories bag on the bedroom window sill.

That’s it. Simple, you’d think. Not so. I now have to rewrite my Friday morning checklist and include ‘make sure there’s a brush in the hair accessories bag’. Then, in the case of a brush NOT being in the bag, I will have to find a replacement somewhere. And, of course, Friday is a uni day.

Although, to be fair, I do have to add something else to the checklist. Something like ‘make sure Mirinda has a spare key hidden somewhere at the flat.’

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2 Responses to A Brushing We Will Go

  1. Mum Cook says:

    You do have an exciting life!!!!! and the spare key had better be outside the flat eh!!!
    love mum

  2. Claire says:

    Gary, When Mirinda was with us and at Uni attending lectures, we gathered the most amazing collection of mens black umbrellas Mirinda would often have her own umbrella even if she did not she would some how manage to find another umbrella.Love you both,Claire

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