Victim of my own charm

We had unexpected visitors today. In a not very Swedish way, KSP, Anna Boom-Boom and Rollo turned up to partake of coffee on the deck. There was a lot of laughter. It was definitely great fun. And Rollo did a Rodney*, making sure all of the dog biscuits were gone by the time the three of them left.

KSP was dropping off a Swedish grammar book that she’d mentioned at dinner the other night and, given she was over our way anyway, why wouldn’t she pop in? And, of course, there was Jason to meet. Given she’d already met Fi and Lauren, it was only right that she completed the set.

The talk was vigorous and various topics were covered, including Jason’s participation in the yearly Trosa Run, or Trosa Stads Lopp. It’s almost 9k around the town and KSP decided that Jase could represent Friskis & Svettis this year. It’s held the first Friday after Midsummer every year. Jason was very keen and we will all be there to cheer him on.

One topic that was hotly debated around the table was a discussion around a conversation I had with Christina’s mum at ICA this morning.

She had been adamant that everyone loved me at SFI. That the staff really appreciate the fact that the students are turning up. Apparently, it’s quite difficult getting them into class even though it’s a condition of their social security payments to do so.

It seems that numbers have improved over the last three weeks. When I think about my first day when it was just Arij and me, and the crowds turning up since, I have wondered why. Christina’s mum claims it’s because of my energy. I reckon it’s my charm.

Though, as I explained to my listeners, I can’t quip, which is a stalwart of my charm offensive. In fact, I think I just sit there and smile inanely or just look confused as I try to speak Swedish. And it’s not like I can quip in Arabic.

As I said to Mirinda when I returned from shopping, I am a victim of my own charm. Had I been dull and listless, I would probably still be Arij’s only pupil. Damn this charm of mine, I said, why can’t I turn it off? If only I wasn’t so charming, I wouldn’t have to put up with the snorter.

Anyway, for some reason, there was a lot of chat about my apparent arrogance as well. I maintain that it can’t be arrogance if it’s true.

Something else that was briefly discussed was the fact that everyone smiles for photographs these days, almost as if they are making up for the Victorians who looked deadly serious every time someone pointed a big, bulky camera at them. KSP posed accordingly.

* Rollo is a terrier that KSP regularly looks after and Rodney is a golden retriever who lives next door to our house in Farnham. Rodney would regularly stroll into our house and gobble down any biscuits the girls had left in their bowls. It appears that Rollo performs the same, essential service.

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