Now she is ten

Emma is now, officially, older than me. It was her tenth birthday yesterday, which, in dog years, makes her 70. Not that she appears to be slowing down at all. She spent a lot of today chasing sticks and tennis balls. Then, late in the day, she jumped in a lake, chasing a bit of wood that Jason threw into the water. Happy birthday, gorgeous girl.

Judging by Jason’s photos, the lake looked as beautiful as it ever does. The serenity of the lake was not disturbed by other people. The lone paddleboard rider was a long way off. It was bliss.

Being a Sunday, we had our usual French lunch at Emil’s Backe following the customary Skype call with Fi. The weather was so perfect, it had even tempted Beth From Next Door, and her husband Matts, out into the wild world. Along with a lot of other people.

Mirinda is getting well known by the people who run Chez Charlotte. The woman has agreed to talk only (mostly) Swedish to her. Mirinda orders and chats in Swedish. It’s excellent practice. Jason had a go as well. I demurred, keeping the girls company at a table and talking mostly English.

It really was an idyllic day.

And, in the latest news, here’s a donkey, living his best life with a bunch of elk.

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