Only six cars

I may have said this before but, this morning, due to the changes in my personal schedule, I discovered the absolute best time to go shopping at the ICA, here in Trosa. And, rather than keep it secret, I’ve decided to broadcast it to the entire world. Or should I? It could prove disastrous if everyone read this and changed from the worst time to the best, therefore reversing things.

I know I’ve definitely written about the worst time. That’s late on a Saturday afternoon when the traffic inside the shop is a hundred times worse than outside, on the main road. I avoid it like the plague. Not that I’ve seen a lot of plague recently.

Though I did see a lot of rain today. And while I successfully avoided it, the same cannot be said for Mirinda who took the girls for a walk, soaking all three of them in the process.

The rain came in strong, sudden bouts separated by beautiful, cloudless moments of sunshine. The wind up high was constantly blowing in the water-swollen nimbostratus, eradicating the warmth and dry.

Consequently, we didn’t get to eat on the deck tonight, resorting to the dining room. It was all a far cry from my walk into the ICA first thing when the weather was calm and pleasant. Which was how the streets were as well. I think I saw about four cars on the roads and, as for the ICA car-park, there were only six cars parked up when I arrived.

As for customers…the supermarket was almost empty of all but staff. The aisles were delightfully deserted as I pushed my trolley around. I counted four other shoppers. We all wore smiles. It was like we shared a common knowledge about the best time to shop.

Walking back, I noted that someone had started laying the red cable that has been lying on the grass at the side of the footpath for a fair few days. I like the temporary pedestrian walkway they have erected. I felt very safe walking beside the concrete blocks.

There were even handy ramps for trolley draggers.

Needless to say, we didn’t visit Emils Backe today.

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