And then it rained

Every year the Lions organise a massive market in Trosa. It’s been happening since 1959 though, back then it was a much simpler affair. Since 1981, it has been a huge military style operation, with 10-12,000 visitors swamping the town. It’s held on the second Saturday in June or, today, as I call it.

The Lions claim that the town welcomes around 2,000 cars to the market, and it really felt like it today. Hordes of them, driving carefully down narrow streets, searching for the elusive entrance to the ever packing grassy spaces dotted throughout the town. Or, at least, that’s what they usually are.

I had suggested that we should walk into town, having attended other markets and knowing what the traffic can be like. However, Mirinda thought we might need the car for carrying all the stuff we bought, home. After tussling with cars, pedestrians and people in flouro vests, she agreed that that is what we will do next time.

Each year around 300 stalls are set up around the main streets of Trosa. As we walked up the road towards Boman’s, I remarked that the Lymington Saturday market could learn a thing or two from the Trosa Lions Club. The lack of traffic made for a much nicer shopping and browsing experience.

And we did buy things. Salami, a key holder, local honey, some green cheese, all very important and essential things.

Obviously, we took the girls and they were complimented by people who said how well behaved they were. We explained that they are used to crowds, thinking back over the many times they attended the Surrey County Show. To be fair, we saw a lot of dogs and they were all well-behaved. Possibly, the people with badly behaved dogs, leave them at home on market days.

In the end, we didn’t visit all 300 stalls. We looked into Tre Små Rum and Två Små Svin, but both were heavingly full. We decided to have lunch at Emils Backe instead. So, our purchases in hand, we spent a long while navigating the narrow way back home.

Emils Backe wasn’t too full but, the two women in Chez Charlotte were a bit run off their feet with orders so, after waiting for a bit, we decided to have lunch at home, instead. Hopefully things will be a bit calmer tomorrow. Or, Sunday, as I call it.

At home, I mowed a couple of times and Mirinda worked in the garden. We had dinner on the deck then, as we finished and the weather turned cooler and windier, it rained. Finally. We headed inside, relieved the market (and we) had avoided the bad weather.

Oh, and the green cheese was delicious.

You’d have to like pesto, though. Or, Pure Green, as Lord Percy would call it.

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