Little House, no prairie

As if we haven’t seen Harald enough these last few weeks, today, he and his wife popped up at the pop up French café at Emil’s Backe. They’d ridden their bikes over and had stopped for a coffee. Harald loves his coffee. Both of them looked far too fit and healthy.

We’d had our usual Sunday lunch after a morning spent around the house, doing things that needed doing. Like making bread, for instance.

In the week, I found a very simple almond flour bread recipe. And, I have to say, it was the easiest and quickest bread I’ve ever made. Okay, I thought it was a bit bland to have with just butter but, with the addition of a bit of cheese, it was excellent.

It’s not going to replace the paleo bread in the taste stakes but, as far as speed and simplicity is concerned, it’s right up there.

While it was baking, I took the opportunity to research a couple of dead soldiers, something I haven’t been able to do for a while because of life getting in the way. Things like learning Swedish, for instance. It felt good contributing again.

When I enter my results into the database, I see a list of the previous 20 entries by all the volunteers. I am usually among them. I wasn’t today. Well, until I was, of course.

The other, main thing I did today was plant a black eyed Susan up against the fence at the back. The grass was a bit mad, given the mower couldn’t get in there, so I had to cut it all away with a pair of industrial-sized scissors. I then scrabbled out a hole before inserting the plant. I have had success with black eyed Susan before so, hopefully, this one will climb up and around the fence.

Obviously, we had dinner on the deck after Mirinda and the girls returned from a jaunt around the Baltic coast. Which reminds me…I forgot to add a photo yesterday.

Back in mid-April, I posted a photograph of our house as seen from the track in the woods. Then, yesterday, I took the same photograph, now with the deck. Apart from the massive difference our addition makes, I was amazed at how much the foliage has increased.

It really does look like the Little House in the Big Woods now. Though without the butchery and basic survival techniques of the 1870’s. And with a magnificent deck. I’m pretty sure, Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t have one quite as magnificent.

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