Four straight lines and a heart

I popped into Trosa this morning in order to collect the book I need for next week’s SFI classes and checked out the sign in the window of the ex-SEB building. Rather than anything concrete about the bank leaving, it was just an ad for a new tenant. It’s a sizeable piece of real estate so it’ll be interesting to see who takes it over. An electronics shop would be handy.

On the way back, I noticed that one of the new benches in the woods had been marked. Like wet concrete, the temptation was obviously too great to pass up.

I don’t know who A or L are, but I wish them all the best for lives carved in wood, though I’m hoping they won’t visit the house. The new deck would probably prove too great a temptation for their scribbling.

I have no wishes for the four straight lines.

After lunch, I returned to the mowing. I had finished a first pass over the jungle and now wanted to work out how long it would take for a normal mow. The first section I completed had started to grow again so, stopwatch on, I hit it with the mower.

What had taken me around half an hour last week was now completed in 11 minutes. I was very pleased with the result, particularly given it’s set to rain tomorrow and I wanted to level the grass off before that happened.

It looks so much better now.

Adventures in Decking – Day 4

There was a lot of discussion about stairs today. Mirinda and Harald stood, contemplated and, finally, decided where the stairs should go. There was also a fair bit of chat about the comings and goings (that’s a technical stair term for the height and depth of individual steps) until acceptable dimensions were reached.

Other than that, work progressed as far as work could. A couple of decking planks were cracked so the actual expanse of deck was not finished but it’s very close.

I dread to think what A and L could do with that.

Oh, and the rain started in the early evening. The first for what feels like months.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    A&l could at least be a bit more original – and you just know it won’t last

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