Wonderful things about Tig

This week is turning out to be full of new arrivals. Today, especially, saw the arrival of the newest member of our family. Henrik brought it over this afternoon, all the way from Nyköping. Meet Tig II. (Tig I is in Oz and the basis for buying Tig II.)

Tig is somewhat bigger than Max and takes up more of the road. Late afternoon, we went for a drive in order for Mirinda to start to get used to the width, height and length. It was, at times, a scary experience. However, for the most, it was comfortable, roomy and delightful. Just some of the wonderful things about Tig.

Mirinda drove us to Tofsö, a lovely spot on the Baltic then further out to Källvik. On the way back, we were almost wiped out by a murderous lunatic in a bus but, other than that, the trip was an absolute delight. Not least because of the room in the passenger seat. I could actually stretch out my legs even with the usual detritus thrown into the footwell.

Leaving aside my limb comfort, it was a gorgeous day. So there was that as well.

Mirinda and the girls had been there before. They’d discovered a track around Tofsö on one of their walks. They were eager for me to see the beauty as well. And they were right. We’ll return with picnic stuff, sit by the sea, and truly enjoy the seemingly endless summer.

Like this morning when I walked into Trosa for the usual Wednesday shop. The day was stunning and the crowds at a minimum. Though, the book I reserved at the library hadn’t arrived from Vagnhärad yet, I didn’t mind too much. It’s an excellent excuse to go in again tomorrow.

I was outside the library when I noticed that SEB had gone. This was something I used to do in Farnham. When a business moved, I would document it in the blog. I don’t know when SEB moved but the building is pretty vacant now.

I remember using the ATM through the door at the top of the ramp when I had to get some cash to pay for something or other. That marked the only time I went inside. There’s a sign on the door which I didn’t read. I shall have a closer look and report back.

SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB) founded in 1972 and still mostly controlled by the same family, is the biggest Swedish banking house in both market capitalisation and total assets. Mind you, if they are closing the Trosa branch, there’s one asset gone.

Our bank is across the road and seems safe from any immediate changes. While I rarely need to go into branch at any of our banks, I have had recourse to do so over the last year and would hate to see them move at the moment.

It’s just occurred to me that ATM (automatic Teller Machine) also means At The Moment in texting shorthand. And, if I really think about it, isn’t that what an ATM does? Gives you money, ATM?

Adventures in Decking – Day 3

Today, my ramp was made. After a bit of discussion on the most desired angle, it was decided that this was the ideal.

I hobbled up and down it a few times to make sure. It was perfect.

We also walked on the half of the deck that’s been laid. It’s going to be great. I’m hoping to be eating on it next week. Well, as long as we have some furniture, I guess.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    You didn’t hobble. You strutted.

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