Adventures in decking – the beginning

One thing we miss from Farnham is the terrace. Having a large outside space that, seamlessly, goes from the inside to the outside, is something we’d got very used to over the years. In particular, the ability to eat al fresco during the long summer days, or to simply have a morning coffee overlooking a sumptuous day.

And, looking at the back/front of the house, it was obvious we had enough room for what would essentially be, an extra room.

So Mirinda had a few chats with Mr Fixit (Harald) with rough designs for a large deck. I think it was an option that Joakim was considering, given the rather large step down from the French doors off the kitchen/dining room.

And so, the work started this morning. Harald came armed with his trailer, tools and offsider/interpreter. Work started with the removal of the steps before the two of them measured up then headed off to Woody’s (which is opposite Willy’s) to get some wood.

Incidentally, Willy’s, a new supermarket being built on the outskirts of Vagnharad, is approaching completion. I received notification today of the grand opening on May 30. When we drove by yesterday, the opening times had yet to be added to the outside though other than that, it all looked almost good to go.

I’m not sure how I feel about it. Nicoline is rather keen on having an alternative to the ICA and Coop. Apparently, Willy’s is a more economically desirous option. I have only ever bought batteries in Willy’s so I can’t really judge.

Something I can judge is how much better the house looks when the grass is cut. I managed another three sessions with the new mower today, all out the front. By end of play, the grass was a good deal lower and more pleasant to walk on without shoes.

By contrast, the back of the house was looking very promising after Harald and Co left for the day.

Even more promising was a message from Henrik saying we will have the car by the end of the week. What an amazing and expensive week this will be.

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