Unexpected pleasures

Completely on the spur of the moment yesterday, we decided to go to the Isle of Wight today and visit Sophie and Tom. And what a perfect day to choose! And what a pleasure that no-one else did the same thing. All the transport links worked and none of them were crowded.

We started off with lunch at Sophie’s which she prepared while Tom and I watched Horrid Henry (there was a marathon of HH cartoons on today) – I’m not sure what Mirinda did but I figured it had something to do with chatting.

Watching HH was interspersed with light sabre and water pistol fights – not at the same time – until we were summoned down for lunch. Which explains why both our t-shirts are wet in the photograph below. I have no idea why he suddenly decided to sit on my shoulders but it was an improvement on lying on my head like he did last time we visited.

Watching Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck

Lunch was delicious and followed by a lovely walk down to the beach, with Tom on his bike. Actually Tom was only on his bike for the mildly downhill and flat bits. When travelling uphill, it’s the responsibility of one of the adults to carry the bike. And there’s not a lot of argument about it. He drops the bike and runs off.

He’s also very friendly as he rides along, saying hello to people and dogs as he goes. He’s quite competent on his bike too; no training wheels or helpful grown up hand on his shoulder. He’s had a bit of difficulty learning how to turn in circles though and has to get off his bike and wheel it around if he wants to go back in the opposite direction. Even this was beaten today when he did it without thinking to great cheers from me – Sophie and Mirinda were ahead of us and missed it.

Tom gets off his bike because of the busy road ahead

I tried my hand at getting some shots of seagulls on the wing as we walked along the beach. They are hard things to catch properly. It doesn’t help when I’m moving as well. This was the best I could do. I will continue to try though and get something decent. I saw a cormorant but unfortunately he was too far away.

The sky was really this blue

We wound up at the Waterfront Inn where Tom ordered hot chocolates for the ladies, an Appletiser for him and a pint for me. We had a lovely sit down before heading back to Sophie’s to collect our stuff.

The trip home was just as delightful as the one down there and made the entire day perfect.

Quite pleased with this moon

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  1. Mirinda says:

    It was a great day but not quite perfect as my knee got very painful and we had to get a taxi back after the hot chocolate instead of walking back up the very steep hill.

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