Weather continues glorious

Ever since having most of her teeth out, Freya sleeps with her tongue hanging out. No matter which side she’s sleeping on. I don’t know why. Unless it’s a mark of her laziness. Mirinda worries that her tongue will dry out, but it doesn’t seem to bother Freya. It’s just weird. It’s like she’s become a cartoon dog.

Mind you, for all I know, I might sleep with my tongue hanging out as well.

Anyway, being a Wednesday, I was off to the centrum. It was not only to visit the System this week. I also had a parcel waiting for me at the Coop. It was a TV Box I’d ordered from Telia so we can stream TV rather than exist on just Netflix.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I reckon there’s enough quality on Netflix to last me forever. The thing is, apart from important things like Eurovision, there are Swedish channels devoted to non-native speakers which help with learning Swedish. Apparently.

I spent a while setting it up but, eventually, we had access to a whole load of stuff that will require quite a lot of research.

But it wasn’t JUST the parcel. Obviously, I went shopping as well. And the weather was glorious. I do love the fact that the weather has changed so dramatically. Long may it continue.

Given the continuing summery weather, today I tried a new cold soup. It’s chilled avocado and sour cream. It was very foamy, chilled and delicious. Definitely guest worthy, as Mirinda said, enthusiastically, her tongue hanging out for more.

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