Colour switch foam

Today was my second visit to Sandra, the physiotherapist. I was dreading it. The movement in my wrist doesn’t seem significant to me. I have been completing the exercises when possible but just haven’t felt they were working very well. In particular the forcing the wrist backwards hasn’t felt like it’s doing anything.

So, with some trepidation, I arrived for my appointment at 10. Sandra saw me straight away, with her always present cheerful smile, sat me down and went straight for her angle measuring device while firmly gripping my left arm.

Well, you could have knocked me over with a piece of green memory foam. She was very pleased with my progress. I have stretched some of my joints to double what they were last time. This is great, she says. Just keep up the good work and come back in two weeks, she also said.

Before I left, she had one more piece of news. I was no longer to use the pink memory foam. Oh no, that had become too easy. I have graduated to the green one. It’s like squeezing concrete.

Green -v- pink…that looks orange for some reason

A few more Prague titbits…

I’ve added another photo album to the site. This one is called ‘The Buildings of Prague’. We loved so many of them that I decided to create an album. It might be a bit dull for anyone not interested in art nouveau or…buildings.

This may also be of interest – a short video, shot by Mirinda on her iPhone featuring me and a snack I had in Prague.

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  1. mum cook says:

    great news about your wrist keep up the good work as Sandra says. you call that a snack WOW!!
    love mum

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