Double ducks at the library

There are a number of things I’m really starting to like about Lymington. Obviously, there’s the Saturday market, the pubs, a Waitrose but, I discovered today, there’s also a Lymington Pétanque Club, – meets every Tuesday at 2pm, weather permitting, just behind the graveyard – an active backgammon group at the library, and a plethora of independent shops.

But, of course, it’s all ruined by the traffic. For me anyway. It seems that most people aren’t bothered by the noise, the smell and the life risk of walking around the town.

It’s actually quite surprising that the high street, at least, isn’t pedestrianized. There seems to be enough car parks and roads around the town. Of course, that will never happen. Like Farnham, it will just keep getting worse.

Anyway, I spotted the backgammon players at the library when I popped in to do some more printing for Mirinda. Six ladies, serious faced, dice rattling, were all deeply engrossed in three separate games. I do like a game of backgammon and could easily see myself joining in if I lived locally.

It’s as if the lure of Lymington is drawing me in. But, it’s inevitable that the fishing line will always snap whenever I have to cross a road. Sad but true.

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