On the waterfront

One of the reasons why we returned to the UK when we did, was in order to get Max an MOT. Having booked the house in Lymington, while still in Trosa, I’d set about finding a garage close by. I was very pleased to find a Euromaster just down the road. I booked Max in, paid the fee and sat back, well pleased. And, the appointment was for this morning.

We drove down to Euromaster (it took all of five minutes), left Max in their capable hands and went off for a walk down by the water.

Mirinda took the dogs here the other day, but I hadn’t been. This area of Lymington is almost free of cars. It’s down a cobbled street, below the King’s Head where I had lunch the other day. She was rather keen to try out Coffee & Drift so, naturally, we had brunch there.

The coffee was excellent and the salmon and cream cheese bagel, superb. As I said to the guy at the counter, we’ll definitely be back. They also welcome dogs, so we’ll bring the girls with us. Well, when Emma has finished her season.

Opposite the café, there’s a boat ramp. Quite an important boat ramp, as it turns out. It was here, on 3 June 1944, that the 2nd Battalion of the Essex Regiment set off for the beaches of Normandy. They arrived on 6 June and liberated Bayeaux the next day. They, apparently, celebrated with ‘many a soldier [sampling] a glass of calvados.

There’s a rather excellent, though badly spelled and formatted, account of their mission here.

I know the above because there’s a rather good blue plaque on the wall of the boat ramp. Actually, there are quite a few blue plaques in Lymington. They have been placed by the local Rotary Club and give hints to the history of the town. They are a terrific source for historical titbits, just begging for elucidation.

We wandered back, after first walking up the almost pedestrianized cobbled road that ends at the high street where the slope is so great, people with sticks need a second human for stability. It must be awful when it’s slippery. And, if you fall over, you wouldn’t stop rolling for quite a distance.

Not that either of us fell over. But I did take Mirinda’s arm for a lot of it.

And, I’m very happy to report that Max was given a clean bill of health. As I said to the pleasant young man at the desk, “Pass is the magic word!

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