Come in number 52, your time is up

Today I had to revisit the library, unfortunately. Not that there’s anything wrong with the library. In fact, it’s quite a nice library. It even has a baby socialization class on a Tuesday. There was a sign just inside the door warning people to ‘watch your step’ because of the babies. I guess you never know when one of them is likely to go all investigative and start free crawling, looking for trouble and size ten boots.

No, the library is a lovely place. The problem was not the library, it was why I had to go this morning.

Yesterday, only half of my printing worked. Today I had another document to print off, so I thought I’d retry the document from yesterday following a bit of manipulation. Which didn’t work. Twice more. And, naturally, it was raining and windy again. Don’t be fooled by the patch of blue sky in the photo above. It wasn’t there for long.

Anyway, having unsuccessfully printed one document and successfully printed the other, I headed back to the house, stopping by a lovely, Italian style coffee house I discovered. A lovely chap made me an even lovelier strong hazelnut latte, which helped lighten my mood somewhat.

Walking back, via the churchyard, through the wind and rain, I discovered two things.

Firstly, the entrance to Lymington Football Club’s ground. I’m going to watch their game next Saturday, so it was quite a handy accident finding where to enter. They are at the bottom of the table with an awful lot of goals scored against them. I figure it’ll be just like watching Aldershot.

Secondly, when I walked past the fire station, I noticed a line of cars that they obviously use in the burning car scenario type training. I wondered what the numbers signified.

My apologies to Ringo for the misquoted title.

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