All in wristling

Today was my first physio session with Sandra. I was a bit concerned she’d say my wrist was always going to be deformed and I’d have to learn to use it with all its present imperfections. Actually I wasn’t concerned about anything because of general lack of sleep due to last night.

I blame the fact that it was our first Nicktor Night for ages and we didn’t get to bed until close to 1am. We had a splendid time, watching the wonderful This is England 1986 which follows on from the film we watched a while back called This is England.

The one we watched last night was a TV series made last year and was in four episodes, lasting three hours. And it was excellent. Funny, tragic, romantic, almost violent, brilliantly acted. We both enjoyed it a lot. We also enjoyed the two episodes of Sorry! we watched afterwards as well.

There was also a bit of enjoying my Christmas bottle of Fettercairn Fior, which might also have had something to do with my feeling somewhat strained this morning.

Anyway, I made my way to Frimley at lunchtime. I now have the trip down to just over an hour. Bus, train and walk. As long as the bus comes on time, it’s the best way.

Physio is a lot better than the Fracture Clinic with no waiting! They even have a sign on the wall asking patients to tell the receptionist if they have waited longer than 15 minutes after the appointment time. The receptionist in the Fracture Clinic would constantly be dealing with patients!

So I went in to see Sandra dead on time and we discussed my wrist. She took a load of measurements, gauging how much more movement I have in my healthy wrist and noting the differences. She was very pleased with my freedom of movements except for bending the wrist back. Unfortunately this is the most important one.

She told me this is the reason I am unable to make a fist or carry anything heavy. Apparently the fingers closing is associated as much with the tendons extending up the forearm as with the fingers themselves. If the wrist doesn’t extend back then the tendon doesn’t work properly.

She then gave me five different exercises I have to do as often as possible and took me through them. Most of them are fine though one was pretty painful.

Sandra also told me that I may not be 100% for 6-12 months! She also explained why my left arm is now hairier than my right.

I was only home an hour before having to venture forth into the cold once more to go and have dinner with Mirinda.

Because she’d been to the Lotus with BH on Monday night, she wanted to go somewhere different so we tried the new mozzarella bar latterly set up in one of the office buildings used as a thoroughfare on the way to Canary Wharf proper from the flat. It’s all new and trendy and serves Italian food with a strong emphasis on mozzarella (there’s three types, apparently – normal, smoked and creamy).

We eventually had lovely pizzas, prepared in an extremely rustic style. I say ‘eventually’ because they took an age to serve us. We had decided to go to Wagamama’s instead and were almost out of our chairs when the waitress suddenly appeared. Anyway, apart from this slight glitch, it was very nice.

The previous bird photographs have been a prelude to getting shots of birds on the wing. I had to know their habits before I worked out the best place to set up the camera and where to focus. Today I managed to get it almost right. These are a few of my more successful attempts.

Goldfinch impresses greenfinches

Goldfinch fandango

Bluetit landing

One more thing…I managed to get the same train guard on both my trains tonight. I recognised her voice because it was so awful. And loud. Strange and particularly irksome.

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2 Responses to All in wristling

  1. mum cook says:

    I bet your wrist is very painful I remember the stuff I had to do for my ankle brings tears to your eyes but they are well worth it when you can move your wrist like you should you will be well pleased.
    love mum

  2. mum cook says:

    Sorry forgot to mention the birds very pretty on the wing.
    love mum


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