To market, to market with puppy girls two

I have discovered an excellent way to avoid spending money at a very tempting Christmas market. Have a walking stick in one hand and a double lead with two small dogs in the other. I managed to navigate the entire Trosa market without spending anything.

I was tempted to visit one of the cafés but, like when we visited the Boat Show back in September, they were all full to overflowing. Mind you, even that would have been difficult given a general lack of hands.

Not that I’m complaining. I’m always up for not spending money while I absorb the Christmas spirit. Not that I can have a lot of that at the moment. That’ll be because of the medication I’m currently taking and nothing to do with either lack of hands or dogs.

Anyway, the market was thriving. Trosa must be well pleased. I’ve not seen so many people before. In Trosa at least. It was packed with people, prams and dogs. And all of them looked generally happy.

We walked in and back via the woods which were surprisingly quiet. The roads, however, were anything but. The last thing you’d want to do would be to drive in. The road above the church was at a stand still as cars and vans vied for dominance in the thinner section which was reduced to a single lane because of parking either side of the road.

Surprisingly, I didn’t see KSP or Anna. I did, however, see a woman I regularly meet n the woods with her collie. We exchanged ‘hejs’. Then, on the way home, just before the Skärborgarnas Hus, I ran into the Woman from Gävle who lives at Lagno Bo. I was shocked to think she had walked from the community. She assured me that she had driven and, sensibly, parked at the Skärborgarnas Hus.

Speaking of Gävle, the Gävlebocken was set up this week, and she was going to visit it. She was hoping it would still be intact and not burned down like happens so many times. I said my fingers were crossed.

Possibly the best thing about the market was the fact that it was snowing. Not heavily – it wasn’t a blizzard or anything – but just enough to be festive. And, of course, the snow was laying all about.

Back at home, two exhausted puppies collapsed for a few hours. So much to see, hear and sniff had taken it out of them. Now that’s a good thing.

Another good thing was that I, finally, finished watching Mr Sunshine tonight. What an extraordinary ending. What a fantastic programme. Thank you, Amanda. Great recommendation.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    What a shame I wasn’t there. Then we would have spent lots!

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