Tracks of the deer

There was a lot of action around the woods today. Some of it was unfortunate, some of it was just people being busy; preparing for the skiing. At least, I think they were preparing for the skiing. On the flip side, track work continues in the snow.

For the past little while, MTB has been laying a new 1.7km mountain bike track in the woods. There’s already quite a few little, tyre made paths that run up, down and over the many hills and boulders and this purpose built one will incorporate bits of them. There’s also lots of new track as well.

MTB Base Camp (taken on Monday before all the snow)

In order to make the tracks, lots of hard core has been gradually moved from outside the woods to an area along the path. The stuff is brought, load by load, by a small grader. The size of the grader has been dictated by the fact that the path through the woods is not big enough for a full size grader.

The workers arrive at the site in a big, white Nissan Navara. I’ve seen it parked near to base camp. By the way, I’m calling it base camp because it’s where they park and have lunch. The black thing in the photo above is their table and there’s usually chairs around it.

Well, this morning, as I headed towards the path in order to go to the ICA, there was the Nissan, half on and half off the road just beyond the bend in the road. The passenger side of the car was down the gully, off the road. The chassis was grounded. It wasn’t going anywhere.

When I returned from the ICA, a couple of local chaps were discussing the plan with another chap who was sitting in the small grader, trying to pull the Nissan off the edge. He didn’t appear to be having much luck.

I left them to it.

Later, when we headed out for our circumnavigation of Mount Trosa, the Nissan was gone but the small grader was being worked on by a mechanic, who appeared to be trying to get it to work. Unsuccessfully, it seemed.

In the meanwhilst, around by the ski slope, a couple of chaps were busy hitching up a building to a crane on the back of a truck, preparing to remove it. The snow looks like it’s been spread out, ready for the weekend and these guys must have been getting rid of an out of season structure. I guess.

I have no idea what the building was or where it went.

Actually, I saw more people today around the path than I’ve seen all week. It might have been because the weather turned a bit milder today. In fact, the sun came out just before it went down. The sky was a glorious blue for at least half an hour.

The action, however, wasn’t just in the woods. As I walked to the ICA, I noticed lots of deer tracks, criss-crossing the road and front gardens of houses in our street. The place is a veritable nighttime highway while we sleep.

Anyway, the mechanic managed to fix the small grader by the time we finished our walk, so I guess the work on the mountain bike track can continue tomorrow.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    We need a deercam. How funny to think of their alternative life

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