Our little Baltic girl

While I completely and utterly enjoyed yesterday’s trip into, around and out of Stockholm, with Lauren, my right foot did not. Stupid Gaz decided to wear his new shoes. All day. My extra big toe didn’t like that. I woke up this morning to lots of blood where blood should not be. I managed to put on my old shoes to go shopping, but that was it. There’ll be no shoes for me for a few days.

Anyone reading this will be glad to know that I have not included a photograph. It is pretty gross. Grosser than usual, anyway.

Because of the general lack of shoes, I missed out on going to Tre Små Rum with the others (they did bring me a roll home afterwards). Instead, I worked, tirelessly, to get our new fibre/broadband combo working. And it was an almost total success.

‘Almost’ because there were two issues.

I couldn’t get the Sonos to connect and the TV cabinet collapsed. The Sonos I’ll get around to but the TV cabinet was another thing entirely.

Back when the useless removalists delivered our stuff to the Red House, they were far from careful and their packing left a lot to be desired. The TV cabinet was not treated well. And, like a donkey that is mistreated, it eventually kicked out and collapsed. Fortunately, it just missed my gross toe and the TV stayed where it was. Though, the Sonos went for a bit of a tumble…which had nothing to do with it not connecting to the wifi.

I removed everything from the top of the cabinet and tipped it onto its back. The leg lacked two screws and the remaining one had a stripped thread. Also, the wooden dowels had snapped, though that probably happened when the cabinet fell over.

I had a few goes at putting the leg back, but to no avail. Eventually, I removed the still connected set of legs and put the cabinet on top of them, almost on the floor. I put everything back and wondered whether anyone would notice. It made no difference to our viewing pleasure.

Eventually, Mirinda, Fi and Lauren returned full of stories of wonder and hilarity.

They spotted a big stag, which Lauren managed to photograph using her ‘special’ camera and Emma took a dip in the Baltic.

T explain: Emma was on a pier and Lauren was holding a stick. Lauren thought it wise not to throw the stick, given Emma’s maniacal habit of just chasing them regardless. So Lauren just waved it vaguely in the air for a bit. This didn’t fool Emma, she just walked off the edge of the pier and plopped into the sea.

Heroically and instinctively, Lauren threw off her jacket, bent down and grabbed Emma before she could swim out of reach, under the pier. She was hauled out of the water and plonked down on the wood, where Lauren rubbed her sort of dry with her coat. Super hero, Lauren, saved the dog day.

It was all very dramatic, though Freya wasn’t concerned and Emma just happily took possession of her stick as if nothing had happened.

Lauren took the gorgeous photo above.

I should mention that Emma may not be able to see where piers end and the sea begins but she definitely can swim.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well she is a water dog

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