Old man time sends letters

I had a lovely surprise in the post today. Apparently, as a senior, I qualify for a free, no obligation, 6 week trial of the wonderful PC Knowledge for Seniors from someone called Agora Business Publications. According to Agora, they make computing really easy – not like those ‘…incomprehensible handbooks…’ I’m over the moon!

They even gave me a free guide with some amazing stuff. A PC First Aid Kit, how to create ‘…immaculate letters…’ and lots of tips on how to improve my photographs. And all of this WITHOUT jargon or, as they call it, ‘tech speak’. I mean, how do they do it?

Actually, I’m taking the piss. It would be pretty good for someone with no computer skills. And to be completely fair, there’s a double page spread of keyboard shortcuts that I think I’ll send mum. The reason I’m taking the piss is because I’m not that keen on being considered a senior. And how the hell did Agora Business Publications know my age?

That’s the most important question. What company or institution not only holds my year of birth but is then happy to sell it on some sort of list, to a publishing house? To try and ascertain from whence they acquired it, I have sent them an email. Stay tuned.

Today was not only concerned with the nasty facts of my age; today Carmen had her stitches out. We decided she could walk on her own – I’m pretty sure she’d have jumped out of the wheelbarrow – so we took an extremely leisurely stroll down to the vet. It took 15 minutes when it normally takes five.

The nurse took her from my lap and returned in about five minutes, saying she behaved perfectly. Her leg looks a little less like it was attached by Dr Frankenstein now. Though I think the exercise wore her out somewhat. From about 5pm she became lethargic and looked a bit miserable.

Prior to 5pm she was almost back to her old self, running up the path, barking at the Crazies, playing with Day-z. Every time I tried to stop her but she’s as compliant as a slippery eel. At least she spent the rest of the day asleep on the lounge. I was thinking of taking her for a short walk tomorrow but I might leave it till Wednesday.

Apart from attending to Carmen’s ailments and moping, I set the camera up in an attempt to capture a bird in flight. This is not easy when the birds are so tiny. I was almost happy with this blue tit.

Barry takes off

I took hundreds of shots but most of them were just blurry messes. The trouble is finding somewhere to focus and then wait for the bird to cross the point at the exact moment the shutter opens and closes. Not easy! Of course a lot of the photographs were of just the fatball holder or a tree branch. Still, I shall keep trying.

Though, when all is said and done, I rather prefer this static shot of a great tit giving me the eye.

Is that a camera I see before me?

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2 Responses to Old man time sends letters

  1. mum cook says:

    Thank you very much you think I need the short cuts, well I suppose I do. Once you have passed 50 you are a senior can’t do anything about it if you could go back me and dad would have gone back to 35 by now.
    love mum


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