For the love of light

I had a message from Post Nord today to say that I had a delivery from Telia to pick up. It was our new router. Now that is some brilliant service. Having ordered it only yesterday afternoon, it was waiting for me at the Coop. After lunch, I headed in to the centrum to collect it.

While in town I ran into Klas. He hailed me from the real estate office, telling me to let Mirinda know he’d answered her email about the chimney people. He asked where I was going. I said my favourite shop and pointed vaguely in the direction of the Systembolaget. He said to wait while he grabbed his jacket.

When he reached me, he suddenly said, “You do mean the green shop, don’t you?” I assured him that was so. We strolled around the shop, selecting and discussing beer. Eventually, I headed home, router and beer safely in my shopping bag.

The house was a hive of activity today. Lukas was fitting lights, Harald delivered chests of drawers, I unsuccessfully installed our new router, it was all action. I also made some very tasty pumpkin soup.

Probably best of all were the lights that Lukas installed.

Since moving in, we haven’t had any overhead lights in most rooms. It’s a thing in Sweden to take light fittings with you when you sell a house and, because we didn’t bother removing all of ours in Farnham, we didn’t have any to use. There was also the decidedly dodgy electrics which Lukas has now fixed.

The house is now flooded with light that is safe to use.

Mind you, I had to feel sorry for poor Harald as Mirinda took him through a giant list of work that needs doing. The poor man was aghast at some of the dodgy DIY that needs repairing.

The problem with the router was a lack of a power point. I’ll need to get a double adaptor on Friday. Damn it! I thought our connection woes had ended. Hopefully this weekend then.

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