Go Ronnie

We spent a lovely, lazy Sunday morning, spoilt only by the fact that Mirinda had to leave after lunch for a conference.

One highlight was getting to see Ronnie O’Sullivan play Steve Davis in the snooker. Of course, I’m generally unable to watch the snooker as Mirinda thinks it’s incredibly dull. Of course, she’s wrong.

Ronnie lines up another winning shot

It’s the UK Championship at the moment, being played in York and the best are fighting it out in action packed frame after action packed frame. This was an eagerly awaited match between the veteran (Davis) and the master (O’Sullivan).

Steve started off well. He potted a fluke red (went for a double, managed a triple) and managed to win the first frame. Everyone sensed an upset but it’s the best of 11 frames and Ronnie simply dominated the rest of the match, winning 6-1. This puts him in the final 16.

Poor Steve! He played well but age makes all the difference on the snooker table. Still, he’s a lovely fella and the crowd gave him a massive send off when he left the arena.

And that was about it, really.

A pigeon walking up the roof

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  1. mum cook says:

    Never get pot black out here.
    Love mum


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