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Sune Krister Bergman (1890-1976) was a Swedish artist. He was part of a famous Kalix family, a northern part of Sweden. The family owned Waldemarsudde, until Prins Eugen bought it in 1899. Bergman was a cousin of Evert Taube, the celebrated and amazing Swedish troubadour. He was also self taught when it came to artistic expression.

I hadn’t heard of Sune Krister Bergman before today. Then, Mirinda received a text to go and collect a parcel at the Coop. It was a big box. At home she opened it to reveal two table lamps she bought through Etsy. They were not just any table lamps.

One of the things that Bergman did was burn images into wood panels. He was exceptionally good at it. Here’s two of the lamp panels.

Each panel is different but they all feature landscape scenes. They are subtle, soft and beautiful. The best things though are that they are Swedish, originals and the lamps are second hand. Or third hand. Who knows.

We always prefer something that’s been pre-owned rather than buy things new. When something unique exists, why buy something plastic and probably manufactured by the thousands in some cheap labour country? I don’t get it.

Anyway, I love them. They now need some bulbs and lampshades before being used.

We actually had quite a quiet day as Fi, Lauren and Jason headed into Stockholm to visit the Vasa, the Viking Museum and, the kids then ended up at Gröna Lund where they rode on all the rides about a million times. All three had a great time though Fi was rather glad she came home early.

Back at home, I cooked sausages and cauli mash.

What a lovely, peaceful day, where it rained almost non-stop and we stayed happy and dry.

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