Filtering nuts through my teeth

Set off on my own this morning for a much anticipated trip to the Guggenhiem Museum while Mirinda goes to Macy’s. Strolled through Central Park – beautiful – and eventually got to the Guggenhiem and…it’s closed on Thursdays…D’Oh!

So went to the Met instead – it’s more or less across the road. I spent ages in the Egyptian and Roman/Greek sections. After a much needed coffee break, went upstairs to the Brueghal exhibit. It was excellent. So excellent I was there for two hours!

Riverside Drive

Finally I returned to Central Park and headed up to (or should that be down to?) Columbus Circle. Of course, it was only natural, that I then headed for Times Square. I wish I was a huge electronic billboard then I could spend my life there!

Did a bit of shopping, including an excellent Yankees mug from the Yankee’s shop! Met Mirinda at Lord and Taylors for lunch where Larry was our waiter today…Poor Larry wasn’t having a good day but he handled everything expertly. Just LOVE the customer service in NY.

Walked over to the Tourist Centre on 50th where we logged on to check email and so Mirinda could email work, then caught the bus back to the hotel. We were going to Cabaret tonight because Brooke Shields was supposed to be in it…but she isn’t…so we’re not. After some discussion we came to the conclusion that we’ve got the West End where we can see big budget musicals so why go to Broadway?

Popped over to Lisa and Jack’s for a couple of hours (not quite Brooke-y but who’s complaining?). Half watched the baseball, chatted, drank scotch – Jack is trying to finish off his liquor cabinet before they move to Australia and I agreed to help him. Had a very odd cup of coffee. They’d run out of sugar so Lisa gave me some Lindt chocolate (almond and praline) instead. Rather weird taste and had to filter the nuts through my teeth.

Had pizza slices at the place downstairs from the Ellington. Very nice, though Mirinda thought there was too much broccoli.

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