Visiting Central Park

Woke up at 7am, only it was really 6am because daylight saving finished this weekend the same as UK. Both wide awake so we hit the streets of NY.

Magnificent day, bright and sunny and cold. Started off at Starbucks for a coffee and a read of the paper – it’s just around the corner. Then set off for a long walk through Central Park. Beautiful place, so lovely in the centre of a very busy city.

Then the subway back to Jack & Lisa’s. The subway was a major surprise. Clean, efficient and a hell of a lot nicer to travel on than the poxy tube!

Sat at Jack & Lisa’s for an hour entertaining Anna – what a cute kid – then off to a Mexican restaurant/cafe for lunch of lovely tacos and even lovelier beer. And another walk through Central Park.

Lisa wanted to go to the Met (Metropolitan Museum) but when we got there it was major crowded. I think everyone in New York was there. So we left L, J & A to frolic in the park while we hopped a bus downtown to find the TIC. Ended up at Starbucks under the Rockerfeller Centre, watching the ice skating and resting tired legs. It’s a big place, Central Park, especially twice a day.

Sufficiently recuperated we wandered round a huge street market until we found the TIC. Then the subway back to our hotel. Tonight we’re going to eat ribs (Virgils) with Lisa & Jack – Jack being determined to prove how brilliant New York food is. We’re not going to take a lot of convincing.

Boy! Mega meal! Had ribs with extra extra hot sauce and a pitcher of beer. Very nice but a little too much in the quantity department. I had pork ribs, Mirinda had chicken. We took a cab down and it took forever so got the subway back. Walked to the station via Times Square. I am in love. What a brilliant place. A total homage to electricity and televisual expertise. Eventually we crashed back into our hotel, exhausted.

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