Getting a bit more Swedish

We had our first Swedish dinner guest over tonight. Obviously it wasn’t our first dinner guest because we’ve already fed Anna and Amanda. No, tonight we invited Nicoline over to Chez Gaz, and we had a lovely night around the Gustavian dining table, eating, drinking and laughing a great deal.

Amanda was there as well, but she took the photo.

I was a bit disappointed with the meal, truth be told. I made Camembert parcels (which went terribly flat and not impressive at all), tuna and pak choi (which wasn’t griddled because I forgot to bring my griddle pan) and a frozen raspberry and pistachio yoghurt (which was just a bit too solid). Still, everyone made the right noises and ate everything.

Mind you, poor Amanda went through a bit of hell after the meal, given her body’s dislike of gluten. She tried to blame the brownie she had earlier in the day, but it was likely a combination of that and the filo pastry and white sauce I made. I really need to do better when our guests have allergies.

Apart from cooking dinner, the biggest event of my day was first thing when I checked my messages. I had one saying my ID was ready to be picked up.

This meant a quick dash to Liljholmen by bus. So, armed with my document of proof, I strode meaningfully into the service office, expecting a long wait. My number was called about three minutes later and the woman behind the counter send a minion off to get my card while I signed things for her. She then handed me my shiny new card and, without any pomp or ceremony, she bid me farewell.

In fact, the whole process was so smooth and effortless that I was back at the bus stop ten minutes after first arriving, and heading back to Trosa before Mirinda and Amanda left the house for their long walk into town.

Now, all I have to do is get added to the bank account…

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