Heaven is a diner

Up early and finished packing. Remembering our problems leaving for Norway, we caught the local bus down to Farnham Station (9:28) then the train to Woking (10:17) then the Rail Link coach to Terminal 3 (11:00) in time to check in at 12 midday, 2 hours before our flight. Unusually it all worked out perfectly! We thought security (after September 11) was going to be hell but it wasn’t too bad and it all went pretty smooth.

The flight was ok – our first flight with Virgin. Saw three films; Shiner (about boxing with Michael Caine), Peaches (don’t remember) & Dr Doolittle 2 (wish I could forget). Food was actually pretty good.

Arrived JFK about 15 minutes late because of headwinds. Getting through US customs took a while – lots of people rather than tight security. Finally stood in a very long queue for a taxi but it was organised really well and we were soon away in my first yellow cab (Mirinda went in one last year). The trip to the Ellington Hotel took a while because of traffic but it was very exciting to be in New York, so who cares? Overall, we took five forms of transport today!

Checked into the hotel – a bit basic but fine just for sleeping. Unfortunately the window doesn’t open and the heating is too high but, hey it’s only for a week. A lovely black and white check foyer and lots of arte deco and Broadway is just round the corner.

After settling we rang Jack & Lisa then went round for tea – they only live a short walk away. Anna was well asleep so only saw her butt in the cot – it’s the way she sleeps. We had pasta. Seems a long way to go for dinner. We watched the first game of the World Series – the Yankees lost (sob sob). Went back to the hotel and crashed, exhausted at 10:30!!

Jack walked us back to the hotel and, on the way, pointed out the restaurant from Seinfeld, which is just around the corner. My God! Is this heaven or what?

The diner in Seinfeld

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