Rather than staying in the house all day watching Carmen, I put her bucket on her head and went up to Farnham for a Starbucks. I’m really not made for being housebound.

The highlight of my Starbucks visit was when the barista told me about the stray King Charles spaniel that was in his house last night.

He lives at home and, last night his sister came excitedly into his room and told him there was a strange dog in the house. They’re the proud owners of a couple of shih tzus so they’re doggie people anyway but this was a great treat.

Apparently their neighbours had turned up with it, saying it had strayed into their garden and they’d been trying to contact the owner without success. They had to go out and wondered, given they had dogs anyway that one more wouldn’t be a problem.

According to the barista, they had a great night with the King Charles. All good things, though, must come to an end. They finally managed to contact the owner who picked it up this morning, obviously deliriously happy.

That’s it. Just a nice lost dog story.

Our dog is progressing far too well. It’s a constant battle to stop her jumping on the furniture, especially when Day-z has a bark out the front window. Carmen always has to add her (slightly deeper) bark to the mix. And, of course, she can’t do it from the lounge.

It’s almost comical seeing her stand on her wobbly legs, trying to balance enough to launch herself through the air. Fortunately the slight delay gives me time to stop her.

She is getting better. Her scar is very slight, with only the stitches giving any clear indication there’s anything wrong. Well, if you ignore the big shaved area.

Carmen's stitches

This morning I fed the birds then set the camera up in the kitchen, hoping for some action on the seed tubes. I wasn’t disappointed.

Now clear off!

The green finches are quite aggressive, pushing any other birds off and threatening them with GBH.

We also had visit from a local gang of house sparrows who stopped their eating for a brief dip in the bird bath. For a while, one would stand guard on the rim while the other splashed around in the water. But then it was all too enjoyable and they were soon both in the water.

Sparrows in the bird bath

We had quite a lot of sun and blue sky today. After the wind blew away the clouds, anyway. The light was great for getting shots of the birds, including this lovely great tit.

Great tit on guard duty

I have quite a cunning plan for my bird shots tomorrow so, fingers crossed for more sun and more bird species.

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2 Responses to Housebound

  1. Mirinda says:

    Your piks are getting better and better.

    I think carmens stitches look grim myself.

  2. mum cook says:

    Yes your bird photos are getting better each day. It is a delight to look at them. And the captions add to it.
    love mum

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