Poor Carmey

First thing this morning I took Day-z for a walk up to the closest ATM in order to retrieve some funds, as I was running a bit low. I knew I’d be basically housebound once Carmen was home, so I figured this would be my only opportunity. Day-z didn’t complain.

Back at home I bribed her with a Dentastick and popped up to the ex-Londis for some necessary supplies. At this, Day-z did complain. She stood outside, behind the gate, and barked for the entire five minutes. I could hear her most of the way up and down the road. And Mirinda thought I’d be able to leave her on her own!

At 11am we went up to the vet to pick up Carmen. According to the vet, she’d been the perfect patient. This morning she’d woken up being quite “…chipper.” It must have taken it out of her because she’s been about as chipper as a sock for the rest of the day.

I was given all the instructions for her rehabilitation, paid a lot of money, booked her in for a post-op appointment on Saturday and then started for home. It took us a while.

Lifting and carrying a big lump weighing 10.4 kilos under one arm meant I had to have a rest a few times on the way back. I was very concious of causing her any discomfort as well.

For the rest of the day she didn’t moved from the lounge where I put her. Every now and then she lifted her head and looked at me with sadness.

Poor Carmey

Day-z hasn’t a clue what’s going on but has been very good at leaving Carmen alone. Mind you, she’s spent most of the day being asleep as well.

And here’s a great tit about to be attacked by a fake tit.

He's behind you!

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1 Response to Poor Carmey

  1. mum cook says:

    She looks so sorry for her self hope she soon bucks up.
    That’s funny with the real and fake blue tit .
    love mum


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