Thou shalt shut up

We had a dry thunderstorm this afternoon. We were walking back from Daniele Sicilian restaurant when big, black, threatening clouds appeared. Thunder rumbled. We were offered a lift home but, to be completely honest, I was rather looking forward to getting drenched.

It’s an odd thing that we have lived in our house since 2008 but have never been to Daniele’s. It’s a little more than ironic that we discover such an amazing restaurant in walking distance as we’re about to leave for Sweden.

We were lunching courtesy of our house minders, Helen and Tony. They’ve visited the restaurant regularly and insisted that we try it.

And, can I just say, right here, right now, that the sardines were excellent.

And not just the sardines. Everything, the food, the ambience, the company. It was all excellent. Mind you, things started off a bit sticky.

We were sitting, having a lovely time, talking and laughing when a woman from another table came over and told me I was too loud and should shut up. Okay she may not have said it exactly that way but she meant it.

I was very good. I bit my tongue and stopped talking for a bit, and I certainly stopped laughing. Of course, this prompted Mirinda to tell Helen and Tony about the horrendous neighbours that were Mike and Shelley. Eventually the miserable people left but, being incredibly rude, I wasn’t surprised that they didn’t bother thanking me for not upsetting their lunch.

Still, that was a minor blip. The meal and the company were both excellent.

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