How to see Trosa

There are a lot of road signs in between us and Nyköping and they all say the same thing. There are also a lot of orange markings on trees in the woods. Both indicate long distance paths. One of them is for walking and is the 1,000km Sörmland trail. It meanders all over the place, passing lots of beautiful spots and historic locations. The other is a road.

The Utflyktsvägen is an ‘Excursion Route’ which travels across the Södermanland county, made up of different roads and, like the walking trail, has some pretty amazing places to visit along the length. It not only has a website, there’s also a free magazine that comes out each year. It’s an excellent way to showcase the area.

Obviously, given I don’t drive, the Utflyktsvägen is not really within my reach however, bits of the Sörmland Trail are easy to find and walk along. There are plenty of orange markers around Trosa and, it just so happens, there’s a little section quite near where we’re staying this week.

I know because, when I took the girls for a walk at lunchtime, we left the lighted path and journeyed into the deep woods, across wobbly planks and through herds of vicious mozzies.

I’d forgotten about the vicious mozzies. In Australia, they tend to leave me alone but, here, in Sweden, they love me. I was all itchy and scratchy walking back to the house.

I was on my own as Mirinda was attending her final Swedish class today. I spent the bulk of my morning completing the final three loads of washing, which I dried on the line. The weather has been sunny and windy, perfect for drying clothes which was handy because, today, our landlady, Nicoline, had a chap come round and mow the grass. I managed to bring in the washing just before he started cutting underneath it.

Nicoline, intrigued by our desire to buy a house in Trosa, invited us for wine and cheese tonight in order to hear our explanation. Of course, that also meant a tour of her house.

We had a fun time discussing things like language (Nicoline speaks many, including Esperanto) and houses. She is also an accomplished inventor (she holds four patents) having created the Kolormondo 3D colour wheel. She is also an absolute delight. We had a marvellous time. And, just imagine, it marked our first social engagement this visit. I reckon we should reciprocate and invite her over when we have our Trosa house.

By the way, if you’re ever at a pub quiz and there’s a question regarding how many street lights there are in Trosa Kommun, the number is greater than 154,307. Here’s the 154,307th right here.

That’s a lot of lamp posts.

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