Bergen in a Nutshell

Bergen Day! After breakfast in the basement we set off downtown. First up Mirinda realises she’s lost her umbrella and since we’re in a city where it rains 500 days a year, decides she’ll need to buy one, which we did.

Strolled through the fish market then on to the Bryggen. What an amazing place. Strolled through shops, bought some stuff, saw lots of stuff to buy later.

The Bryggen

Had smoked salmon rolls from the fish market and ate them on the end of the pier.

Also collected a church – the Church of the Cross – in the middle of the town. Very nice and warm with lovely stained glass. Popped into the TIC – massive place. You have to take a ticket and wait to be called.

Then went on Bergen in a Nutshell. Started on a big red bus then on a cable car. Lovely tour of the city but when we got to the top of Ulriken it was so cloudy we couldn’t actually see anything…except the clouds of course. Actually the clouds sort of shifted a few times. We had lovely cinnamon things at the top and I mistakenly bought a non-alcoholic beer which, thank God, I didn’t finish. It was gross.

Bergen in a Nutshell tour bus

After the tour Mirinda wandered round the massive mall and I logged on and checked our email at an Internet café. Then we slowly dragged ourselves back to the hotel, exhausted. We’ve been overspending so it was Burger King for dinner. We ate it down on the pier which was lovely. We watched the ferry come in from Ballestrande. It had stopped raining and was a lovely evening.

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