Meeting Aussie Dale

Our last day in Fjaerland. Spent the morning walking out of town, in the rain, in the opposite direction that I went yesterday. A lovely walk. Then we went for a final coffee in the coffee/book shop. The population of this tiny town (about 300) are now starting to recognise us and say hi in passing.

The ferry finally arrived and with it the bus to the Jostelbreen Glacier Museum where we are now headed. This is an excellent award winning museum at the end of the fjord – I walked by it yesterday but didn’t realise it at the time. We played with the exhibits and found out what makes glaciers tick. Also watched an amazing panoramic film of the Jostelbreen Glacier.

We then climbed back onto the bus and set off to see the real thing. This was so brilliant! I drank the water in the pool that is the run off of the glacier. It was cold.

While we were there, this girl asked me to take her photo in front of the glacier. Then Mirinda started talking to her. Turns out she’s from Randwick and has been travelling around Europe for the last 5 months. Her name’s Dale.

Then we all piled back onto the bus and headed back for the ferry. Then we all piled onto the ferry for the trip back up the fjord to Ballestrande. Then we all piled onto a bigger ferry that will take us to Bergen.

Mirinda and Dale talked for the 4 hour and 45 minute trip – except for ten minutes which we spent outside getting some delicious air. I sat next to a girl who seemed to be studying paediatrics. She didn’t talk to me at all.

We arrived at Bergen at 8:45pm – what a long day – and walked to the Hotel Charm and installed ourselves in room 305. Watched Face Off courtesy of the TV then drifted quickly off to sleep. Tomorrow we attack Bergen.

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