Lord Richard in the Pantry

Booked ahead a room at Fjaeland Fjordstue Hotell at the end of the Fjaelandfjord. Mirinda visited the Ballestrande Aquarium while I sat on the dock reading and admiring the fjord and watching the fishing boats come and go. We then caught the 12 o’clock ferry up the fjord. Easily the most beautiful ferry ride I’ve ever taken. One hour and 20 minutes of unequalled beauty. Although the weather quite grey and gloomy and even with a heavy mist soaking us as we stood outside, the fjords are still pretty amazing. We just stood and stared.

Fjaeland is an incredible little place at the end of the fjord looking up at a glacier. The town is full of antiquarian bookshops in all manner of languages. I bought a funny little Wodehouse-ish book called Lord Richard in the Pantry and Mirinda bought (surprise, surprise) an Agatha Christie but in French.

We wandered the town (all of 5 minutes) then sat back at the hotel reading. This place is heavenly. So quiet and restful. Our bedroom window looks straight at the other side of the fjord, over the water.

Fjaeland Fjordstue Hotell

We had dinner in the hotel (there isn’t really anywhere else) which was another load of traditional Norwegian meatballs but nicer than the ones we had in Flam. We had no TV (there is a communal one downstairs) so in bed by 9.30 and asleep by 10. If nothing else our little stay in this little town will prove very restful!

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