You can forget Voss

Woke up early, had breakfast and then were ready an hour early because I’m an idiot who has forgotten how to tell the time properly. We spent the extra hour wandering the halls of Oslocity. Eventually boarded the train to Voss.

The trip should have taken 6 hours but didn’t take into account the tree that would fall across the track and run into a train coming the other way, blocking the track for an hour plus the hour to hook up the diesel engine to get us past the bit of track where the electric wires had vanished and finally another hour to unhook the diesel engine. This made us 3 hours late. We stopped at a lovely little place (I can’t remember the name and I didn’t write it down) that was basically just a station. Here’s a picture of us stranded at the platform.

Stranded in the middle of nowhere

Note that when I say ‘platform’ I actually meant ground. Also note that although I’m taking a picture of an American taking a picture of a stranded train, at least mine has him in it. I’m assuming his is just of the train window.

A lot of Americans were really worried about missing the ferry from Bergen (this is where the train terminates) and…get this…they said they’d hold the ferry for 3 hours so they didn’t miss it! How incredible is that?

Anyway, the trip after this was very picturesque in a craggy, desolate kind of way, until we reached Voss. We had booked into the Youth Hostel from the train (because we were late, the train guards let everyone make a phone call) so, although we arrived at 7:30pm, we had somewhere to trundle along to. And trundle we did. Along a main road that skirted a beautiful lake. The hostel looked like a large wooden cabin, and one whole side faced the water. It looked delightful. Then we went to our room. Bunk beds and real basic accommodation. Economical though, the bathroom was so small that if you took a shower the entire room, including the toilet, got a good wash at the same time. Some smart thinking there. We didn’t hang around the room for long and suffice it to say, there was no TV for me to fiddle with.

So we walked back into Voss to look for some food. Great choice! Not! Ghastly place. Not us at all. Mind you, not sure who it would suit. It seems the lake is the only reason for its existence as apparently they have a lot of water sports there (skiing, paragliding, generally getting wet, etc). The lake looked lovely but forget the rest. We ate an extremely overpriced dinner at a pleasant enough café then retired to our lakeside retreat. Oh well, we had no idea what Voss would be like but it seems to be a little more onomatopoeic than we thought and not one to recommend!

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