Spam and Football

I had my presentation today and it went very well. I managed a bit of sleep last night and the stench of beer and whisky was washed away with my morning shower…I hope. I was still changing the slides on the train into uni and agonising over the jokes.

Fortunately I went last, that way I could bounce off the previous presentations as well as present my own. I had a few laughs (tricky with a multi-cultural crowd) and, according to the lecturer, managed to explain everything very well. In fact, he has already emailed me my preliminary results and gave me an excellent.

I think it’s probably a bit unfair given my background but, hey, I don’t make the rules. I did enjoy it a lot. And made me think I’d rather enjoy being a lecturer. I have also come to the conclusion that charm and a positive outlook on life can get you a long way.

But I don’t want to go on about that. Being an actor I know my strengths (and weaknesses) and am arrogant enough to admit it. No, today I want to talk about spam. More accurately, the spam I get on this blog.

Every day I delete at least two spam posts. They are either for drugs or porn and probably always contain nasty viral links if someone was foolish enough to follow them. Fortunately I have set the blog to spam out anything that isn’t from a regular poster so no-one but me has to see them.

And I wonder why they bother. Though, really, I know why. It’s to make people follow them and either buy something dodgy or load a nasty thing onto their machine. Still, you’d think they’d give up. Though, again, I know it’s not human but a bit of software that just wanders the web and deposits it’s little evil presents where ever it can.

Tonight I have the wonderful treat of having Chelsea v Inter Milan in the Champion’s League being telecast on terrestrial TV! Woo hoo! You’d better skip the rest of this self-indulgent post if you hate football.

Damn! Less than 3 minutes into the game and Inter score! Poor defending by us. Milito scored for them. Conversely, after 6 minutes, their defending is excellent so far.

The interesting thing about this game is the manager for Inter Milan. It is Jose Mourinho, who was the Chelsea manager who led us to lots of victories two years ago. He knows all of our players well, knows their skills. He also signed Drogba for Chelsea, who is becoming one of the best centre forwards in the world at the moment and can’t seem to stop scoring.

Ancelotti, our current manager is a very different type of manager but just as hungry to win. Let’s hope he’s really, really hungry because Mourinho is always famished.

It’s an exciting, physical battle so far. There has been a bit of a spate of yellow cards for both teams for the last ten minutes (23 minutes in). Apart from the goal, both teams are looking pretty even at the moment.

The Inter goalie has two black eyes. According to the commentator, he was in a car crash yesterday. He smashed his Lamborghini into a pole. He’s one tough guy, clearly. And his keeping is very good so far, keeping Chelsea scoreless.

Inter nearly scored again. It was harder to miss but miss he did and I can breathe again. Our only real chance came from a Drogba free kick and it hit the underside of the cross bar and bounced out.

Just before half time, we should have had a penalty but didn’t and so it’s still 1-0 as they leave the pitch after the first 45 minutes.

The second half has started where the first half ended: All full on. AND WE SCORE! five minutes into the second half. A nice little tap back by Ivanovic onto the boot of Kalou and he wallops it into the net. An important away goal for us.

And then, four minutes later, Inter scores again. 2-1. And the crowd goes crazy. They are making a wall of sound, according to the commentator. And they are loud. I can hear them from here…and they’re playing in Milan.

Damn. Our goalie just injured himself and is being substituted by our second string keeper, Hilario. It looks bad and could be a knee injury. If so, it’s not just a problem for tonight but for the rest of the season.

So close to another Chelsea goal. Brilliant build up. Sharp one touch passing. Excellent movement through the defence. Their goalie just managed to get in the way. More luck than anything else.

The Inter defence is still very strong. Each time we charge down into the final third of the pitch, they tackle and clear the ball. Very frustrating. They have one player, Lucio, who is winning them the game.

It’s still very spirited but the players are all slowing down after the intense combat. With five minutes to go, they all look ready to drop. The build up is still there but the finishing isn’t and it looks like tiredness.

In the final three minutes and they have all put on a last spurt. A corner with two minutes to go and Chelsea almost scores. And it’s all over. In three weeks, the return match will be at Stamford Bridge. Gripping game.

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4 Responses to Spam and Football

  1. Mum Cook says:

    You would make a good Lecturer Gary you should think about it but I suppose you would have to do another course.
    Dad heard about Chelsea but said it does not interfear with the cup. Had a great day at the Ginger Factory.
    Love mum

  2. Claire says:

    Excellent,Congratulations on you result. I agree with you a little unfair because of your past experience on the stage.In my opinion you were never discovered by the right people.Claire

  3. Mirinda says:

    Can I just stresshow extraordinarily shallow G is in his attitude to higher education – his sole purpose is to make people in his class laugh. I keep telling him it is the substance of his materials that matters, not the timing. But he doesn’t believe me – and it is not helped when his teacher gives him an excellent.

  4. admin says:

    Clearly the lecturer is looking for someone with the skills to MAKE the class laugh. Otherwise he’d not give me an excellent. And…it’s ALL about the timing!

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