Still raining

Ah, glorious February. Grey sky, rain and mud. Yes, that is what we came to England for. I guess it makes the weather forcasting easy. “For today, we shall have, mostly rain.” says Carol on Breakfast. And the back garden is a quagmire.

Last night was the final episode of season 1 of Nurse Jackie on BBC1. I watched it during lunch today. What a fantastic show. Edie Falco (The Sopranos) is Jackie, a nurse in New York’s All Saints hospital. She is far from a perfect character. She is married with two children and having an affair with the pharmacist at work. She has a serious drug problem with prescription painkillers and no-one but the pharmacist knows. And she is an ‘angel‘ as a main character describes her. She believes in common sense rather than process.

Nurse Jackie doesn’t fit any of the standard moulds for TV entertainment. It isn’t a comedy but has very darkly funny moments. It isn’t excatly a drama though dramatic it certainly is. It’s not exclusively a hospital story (like ER) though it’s all about the nurses and how much they do for the patients. It’s also only half an hour long so it doesn’t have the long character and storyline development opportunities you associate with a drama series.

The show is hard hitting and not for the overly sensitive. The sex and swearing is not softened. Nor are the injuries of some of the patients – though the guy with his intestines sitting on his tummy is both funny and graphic at the same time. OK, Nurse Jackie is not for everyone but it is brilliant and I for one cannot wait for series 2.


Tonight Nicktor is coming over – Aldershot is actually playing at home so we’re going to the game – so it will probably be my usual late Tuesday night. I have a presentation at uni tomorrow though, so I really should make an effort not to drink quite so much whisky.

So…Aldershot lost 2-3 when they were up 2-0 at half time. It was a dismal display.

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