And so, to Haslemere

Up, packed, fed and on the road by 9am. A much easier run out of Bath and the day was bright and sunny. We stopped at an amazing little church in Strefield English (St Leonard’s) just as the bells rang out for Sunday service. Didn’t get to see inside but the building is unusual. Found out on a website that it’s the 2nd church on the site and the current one was built around 1902.

St Leonard's

We had a tea/coffee then, refreshed, drove the rest of the way home.

Went to the Forge and picked up the girls who were their usual ecstatic selves. I took them for a romp up Hammer Hill once we arrived home and they didn’t let me out of their sight! Very unusual as they generally run off like lunatics the minute I unhook their lead.

It was a lovely few days break ruined only by Chelsea dropping out of the FA cup after losing to Newcastle tonight.

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