Just made it…

I woke up at 4:30 for some obscure reason then went back to sleep until 6 when the alarm went off. We hit the road by 7. We had to get to Guildford by 1 as this was when Hertz closes on a Saturday. We should have had time to take our luggage home first but our buffer was eaten up by the rotten weather. From the M25 on, it didn’t stop raining. Ghastly and scary. Slowed us down something terrible. We pulled in to the Hertz carpark at 12:50!

We dragged all our stuff onto Guildford station, then onto Haslemere station, then into a taxi. We finally arrived home and crashed.

We decided to pick the puppies up on Sunday as it’s raining and very, very miserable.

Apart from this final miserable bit, our holiday was lovely. I managed a good walk every day and we saw lots of wonderful places. As usual it has given us a taste for somewhere to which we MUST return…something we rarely do!

Painted tree

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