Bye, bye Paris

I was awake before the alarm and duly woke Mirinda at 5.30 and we were out of the hotel and on the street by 6, wheeling along our very heavy suitcase towards the Metro. No problem getting tickets (we even used the automatic machine this time) and a virtually empty train duly arrived. On the way I discovered that our seats home weren’t together. I figured I’d wait till we were at Eurostar before springing the news on Mirinda.

Through security and passport control and we were ready at the seats by 6.45am. I went for coffee and tea then told Mirinda about the seats. She was not best pleased! Apart from my shortcomings, she was also not complimentary about Eurostar either.

As it turned out, I needn’t have worried. As we arrived at coach 2, after the five mile walk along the platform, I realised the reason the seats weren’t together was because we had a table and the seats were opposite each other. Mirinda instantly relaxed and the journey passed without incident, with most of the carriage asleep for the entire trip.

At Waterloo I bid farewell to Mirinda as she headed off to give an early lecture while I joined a train to work. When I realised the train was going to Haslemere anyway, I decided to take the suitcase home THEN go back to work. A brilliant idea!

Apparently we missed a horrendous storm in Haslemere over the weekend – the road under the railway bridge where we normally drive was flooded to mid thigh, according to the taxi driver.

All in all, another lovely weekend away. We’ll probably go again in February as the Eurostar is moving away from Waterloo some time next year and will not be as easy any more! Damn them!

Art deco doors

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