On February 19, 1998, Mirinda and I boarded a plane, leaving Sydney and flying to London. I can’t remember what the weather was like, but we arrived in England on February 20 and took off for Somerset. And now, every year, around this time, we go out for an anniversary dinner. This year is no different. We are off to St John’s, our favourite local restaurant to celebrate our 12th year.

To otherwise celebrate, we went for a long ramble over Hankley Common. While we generally do this, it is a nice way to remind us why we love living here. Today it was pretty much deserted, giving us that great feeling of isolation we so rarely find. Mirinda noted how brown it all looked, the heather preparing for the spring. The gloriously sunny morning had also turned a dismal grey but, even so, Hankley looked beautiful.

Later, sitting at home, working feverishly on my presentation for next Wednesday and playing Mirinda the CD of my newspaper reading, we were treated to a sudden, delicate hail storm, which left the road all white and the puppies a bit wetter.

By the way, Mirinda’s sister rang last night.


The meal was delicious, as usual. We arrived home in time for me to see Match of the Day. To round off a wonderful day, Chelsea won but, more importantly, Man U lost!!!!

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3 Responses to Anniversary

  1. Claire says:

    St John’s is a very nice restaurant. Bob and I enjoyed our meal there last year.

  2. Claire says:

    Congratulations although I thought it was for one year only.Still, it turned out to be the best decision for you both and you have both worked together and achieved so much.We have also seen many countries we would never have visited.Regards, Claire

  3. Mum Cook says:

    Wow 12 years another 14 and you will have lived there as long as your mother,on the 5th of April we would have left England 50 year’s ago. DID I DO RIGHT?…
    You both did the right thing and like Claire said you have achieved so much,not that we want you the other side of the world and we miss you very very much. love mum

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