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I read the other day that Sweden is going to ban motorised scooters from the pavement. This is both being ridden and parked. This is an excellent idea. The number of times a motorised scooter has whizzed past me on the pavement, freaking me out because you can’t hear them coming, is beyond the counting.

While this is a very good idea, it occurs to me that with the various types of transportation currently being used in Stockholm (bikes, scooters, rollerblades, motorbikes, cars, buses, trams, trains, trucks, etc) leaves very little security for the poor, simple pedestrian. I welcome the day when we can no longer power any of them and are forced to walk.

Also, how come the food delivery people can ride their motor scooters wherever they want? Who made them a law unto themselves? Bastards!

That aside…I didn’t really have a plan for today except I wanted to take a ferry somewhere. I set off for the tram in order to get to Nybroplan. There was a massive crowd waiting for the next tram. I went for a coffee and cardamom bun instead. People really love the trams.

Obviously I went to Fabrique, the place just down from Stockholm Central, where Mirinda and I went on one of our earliest trips into Stockholm. The coffee is great, the buns delicious, it was a good final fika for me.

Leaving Fabrique and glancing once more at the mass of tram lovers, I figured I could just walk up to Stockholm Central and get on a 69 bus. It follows the tram after all. And it was a lot more comfortable.

Getting off at Nybroplan, I went for a walk to determine the best ferry to take. There were a few Stromma options but, I decided to take the ferry to Ropsten. The only reason for this was because Ropsten was at the end of the T-bana line closest to the apartment. I figured it would make an interesting circle.

The ferry ride was an absolute delight. It was great seeing Stockholm from the water and also stopping at Nacka Strand, a place we knew from many trips into the city. The Stockholm archipelago looked magnificent as we slowly made our way around it.

Aboard the ferry there were quite a few characters. There was the rudest woman I have ever come across on public transport.

She boarded the ferry at Nybroplan with her small daughter and a bicycle. She arrived about five minutes before the ferry but, rather than going to the back of the queue, decided she should get on the ferry first. She then stood in the way of everyone getting off the ferry, causing a lot of annoyance with passengers with their own bikes as well as strollers.

Finally, when it was time to board, she raced on, dragging her daughter and lugging the bicycle, holding everyone else up as she faffed around with whatever these kind of people faff around with. I wasn’t the only one that was annoyed. She left the ferry at Nacka Strand, fortunately.

Then there was the crazy German couple. At least they sounded German. He had his phone and camera ready to go every time his wife told him what to take. It was very funny. He didn’t take anything just because he wanted to. The whole ferry ride will be full of her preferences.

That makes her sound quite domineering…and she was. But in the nicest way. I grew quite fond of them both during our very short time together.

Then there was the South East Asian woman who spent the entire ferry ride filming it by holding her phone up and going around 360 degrees. Very odd. Of course, each time she did it, she had me in shot at some stage. I managed to pose when the camera was on me. Just for fun.

But my favourite passengers were the mother and daughter dressed in identical clothes. Black spotty dresses, straw floppy hats, handbags with gold chains, runners, the works. It was very cute.

Eventually, we reached Ropsten, which is seriously not the nicest part of Stockholm. I think it’s mostly where all the shipped goods are offloaded. It’s not in the least bit attractive.

The walk to the T-bana stop was across a car park, under two overpasses. It was not nice at all. As I reached the gates for the metro, I had a minute to get on the train that was waiting at the platform. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but the drivers stand outside their cabs, making sure everyone is safely onboard before closing the doors, they then get back inside and drive off. That’s why I managed to catch the train. The driver actually waited for me.

It was then but a short ride to Slussen where I decided to walk back to the apartment. To be completely honest I was rather keen on visiting the tapas place I saw on Sunday. Sadly it was closed. So was the Viking Bar so I had a rather substandard spaghetti carbonara at another bar, just down from the Viking Bar.

I managed to enjoy a couple of IPAs before heading up to the park that surrounds the local church for a sit down and a bit of a read. While I was there, I noticed a chap wearing a kilt. Summer weight it looked like. I really wish I was Scottish. He looked so comfortable.

Eventually, I headed back to the apartment. I had some washing and organising to do before leaving tomorrow morning. It’s very sad.

It might not look like much, but I’m going to miss this street.

But, before I leave this neighbourhood, it’s important to point out the fact that Maja Stina (see Sunday’s post) spent her final years in a house not far from the apartment I was staying in. It’s to the right at the next crossroad ahead in the above photo.

The house that she and her second husband, Erik Lindståhl, bought was at Timmermansgatan 25. Obviously, I walked down there to see if she had a plaque. Some hope! Had she been in London there’d be one, I’m certain.

Anyway, I found numbers 23 and 27 but 25 seems to have vanished. It is between these two buildings. The one on the left has a second hand clothes shop on the ground floor while the one on the right is a real estate agent.

Obviously, her house was different to these two blocks of flats. Her house, no doubt, burned down. Pity she’s not remembered while Bellman had a road renamed for him.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Most unswedish – not remembering the woman.
    Oddly I found a Scottish shop in tamborine mountain today. Most unexpected.

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