When instructions go wrong

There was quite a bit of rain between Farnham and Cornwall today. Driving conditions started off pretty good but it deteriorated around the time we passed the county boundary. It tested the automatic windscreen wipers of Freddy Fiat and Denise’s memory of driving a manual car.

We picked Freddy up from the rental place first thing. He is a Fiat 500 and, surprisingly roomy. In fact, the boot seems bigger than the one in Nicktor’s car. This is surprising because Nicktor’s car is probably twice the size of Freddy.

For the two of us, Freddy turned out to be the perfect fit. The puppies, of course, were a bit confused having to get in from the front in order to access the shelf that passed for the back seat but they were soon happy, sitting on a waffle blanket for their brief trip to the kennel.

The people at Bowenhurst were lovely and whisked Emma and Freya off with not so much as a backward glance. I hope they enjoy their stay.

Back at home, we packed Freddy and set off.

The journey was fine, as far as it goes. Obviously there was the usual traffic at Stonehenge and various other jammy spots. There was also the unexpected trip through Truro when we took the wrong exit off the roundabout which sent us along a back road that, in parts, was only just as wide as the car. But, apart from these flustery moments, we made it to the Norway Inn.

It was at this point that we should have turned around and gone back home.

The cottage that we are staying at is lovely. The views over the water, strewn with boats, are gorgeous. It is remarkably quiet. There is also a five minute walk to the Pandora Inn, somewhere we’ve visited before and thoroughly enjoyed.

Getting to the cottage, however, is far from joyful.

The instructions seem very clear and easy. Not so. Far better trusting the SatNav, something usually not the case. However, in this instance, a definite must. Having gone down a few wrong roads and squeezed by a couple of big cars, we finally found the road.

I say ‘road’; track is probably a better description. Having followed the track down hill, you then have to drive on a bit of shingle beach. Denise was not keen on this so I set off, stick a’clicking, to find our accommodation. I was very happy that the rain had gone somewhere else.

While I was gone, the people who were moving into the place next door to us, stopped and assured Denise the beach was fine to drive on. It wasn’t until I returned, having found the cottage, that she actually attempted it.

Like the men who walked in front of early automobiles, waving a red flag, I led the way across the shingles. We then drove to the cottage.

Something to realise is that you can’t park at the cottage. I knew this. We both knew this. We could off load our stuff though, and walk it up the tiny yet long and steep path to the front door. It is then necessary to try and reverse the car in order to return to the beach and go back up the dirt track and find the parking. Of course, you then have to walk back.

It’s a good thing we have Freddy Fiat because I don’t think Max would have managed, let alone a big car. Mind you, our new neighbours managed with a massive SUV thing.

So, we unpacked and made a number of trips back and forth. Well, I did. I told Denise to make herself a cup of tea and get over the trip. She said she didn’t need to sit down, having been in the car for five hours. I told her she needed to relax, not sit down. I know, from past experience, that not being a driver means I don’t understand the stresses associated with it. This means I unpack the car while the driver relaxes with a cup of tea.

I then gave her a couple of options for how we were to move forward. Had I been with Mirinda, I think she might have added the option to go somewhere else. Denise took option one, which was to reverse Freddy to a spot where he wasn’t obstructing anything – not that there’s a lot to obstruct – and deal with it first thing in the morning.

The cottage, as I said, was lovely. It took a while to work its charms but, eventually, we were ready to find the Pandora Inn.

The little narrow path outside the cottage continues around and, after about five minutes, deposited us outside the pub.

Dinner was lovely. The pub very atmospheric. The staff delightful. A better end than expected to a quite fretful day.

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