Farewell chat

The weather changed a bit today. There was actually a pretty sunrise. As I said to Denise, there were probably a few shepherds heeding the warning. It felt like rain all morning. My weather app said there might be rain at midday while Denise’s said it was raining all morning. As it turned out, they were both wrong.

Not that it didn’t rain. There was a short shower, lasting about 15 minutes, at around 9am. But that was it. And the sun even tried to come out just before it set at around 9:30pm.

Not that the weather had much of an impact on me today. I had a Talking Newspaper remote recording, so I was inside for most of the time.

There was an early walk up the avenue of trees with the girls, of course. It featured a look at the fun fair preparations as well as a glimpse of the garden through the blue door.

We saw a few dog walkers, but there was no sign of the loan golfer with the moss obsessed daughter.

Even with the overcast and looming sky, the park looked beautiful and lush.

Back at the house I had a brief Skype with Mirinda and then set to preparing the newspaper clippings for the recording. Denise decided to go for a walk into Farnham, avoiding the brief shower and wandering around the shops for a couple of hours. I was surprised it took that long.

My reader this week was supposed to be Robert but he did a swap with Nigel. I rarely get to read with Nigel, so I was delighted with the swap. But it turned out to be most fortuitous. Today marked Nigel’s final recording as he’s moving to Suffolk very soon.

And, as usual, we had a hilarious time.

It was quite stuffy in my office, so I had the door open and Denise, in the extension, heard me burst into laughter many times throughout the session. I’d like to think I helped make Nigel’s final session a memorable one.

Once I’d recovered from the recording, I made a variation on a räksallad with Wiltshire ham for dinner. Denise thought it was lovely.

I had a story today which featured a socialist member of Alton Town Council. I said that I’d been called a champagne socialist by a friend of mine to which Nigel said: “Surely that means you share the champagne around.

I really need to remember that excellent riposte!

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