And then came the humidity

The heatwave we’ve been experiencing has, thankfully, been all dry heat. While unpleasant, it hasn’t been the wet, sticky, horrible humid heat we sometimes get here and which I grew up with in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. And which kept me drenched all night in Queensland. Or the wall of wet that hit us when we stepped off the plane in Denpasar so many years ago.

While not as bad as any of those examples, in a surprise weather move, today the humidity arrived. Though, it wasn’t the only surprise. For the girls at least. Because they had a visit at Starbucks.

It wasn’t humid when we set off across the park before 7am.

The girls loved it. I can always tell because Emma does this thing where she runs and bounces around, tail wagging then suddenly comes back to me, a big grin on her face, desperately trying to say thank you. Freya even tried rolling in the wild grass, she was so happy.

It would be fair to say that Sue and Brigitte enjoyed seeing them as well. Of course, there wasn’t many people in Starbucks, so they could do a lot of fussing. As usual, Emma took a treat and Freya said no.

We then had an equally enjoyable walk back home.

Then, while I was Skyping with Mirinda, the sky grew grey and it started raining. That’s when the humidity came and reduced me to a sweaty blob. Not pleasant. I was rather glad there was only me here.

I spent a few hours on housework (preparing for Denise’s arrival on Monday) in the afternoon. Then, after dinner, it was time to choose a Saturday night film.

As soon as I announced it was movie time, the girls knew where they were sitting.

For tonight’s film of the week, I decided I wanted to watch something Swedish. I was tempted by Midsommar, a 2019 horror film I’ve been wanting to see but I really wanted something a bit more quirky. I finally settled on Trust Me! (2010).

And what an excellent choice it turned out to be. A quirky film about a sideboard and a group of amateur actors trying to put on a play in a small theatre that they are about to be evicted from. I thoroughly enjoyed it, not least because of the occasional views of Stockholm.

The odd thing is the title. I don’t understand the translations sometimes. The original Swedish title is Puss which translates as Kiss. In the context of the film, that makes a lot more sense. Trust Me! doesn’t really.

Anyway, apart from that niggle, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Though, I might watch Midsommar tomorrow night, as an extra special treat.

From The Archers tonight

Natashia: All the Angus’ are lying down. Does that mean it’s going to rain?

Tony: No, it means they’re tired of standing up.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Oh look there’s a tomte shaped void between them on the sofa

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