Fox and Goose new year

Very few people at work today. None from my team. Oli, Allan and others were in but they all left by lunchtime. Even Bill closed up reception at 2pm.

I met Denise and Co for lunch at 12. We went to Yates, which was almost empty. This is obviously THE best time to visit Woking. After lunch we went to see King John’s Castle at Odiham then for a drink at the Fox and Goose.

Peter seemed obsessed with the landlord’s apparent black eye. We then went home to get ready for tonight.

At 7:30pm we went back to the Fox and Goose for dinner. We had a lovely time. MInd you, at one point, Peter asked the landlord about his ‘shiner’ and was told it was a birth mark. God he’s an awful bore.

Anyway, we were there until about 12:30 when it was Kelly’s birthday. It cost £93.

Back at home, we sat around – I called mum and dad and everyone had a chat. Denise and Co went home but I kept chatting until 3am. Mirinda went to bed. Obviously. I spent a lot of the call moaning about Peter.

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